Command PhIonPlaneWv

Command format

PhIonPlaneWv Energy-1 Energy-2 ...


PhIonPlaneWvN Energy-Start Energy-Step Number-of-Energies

This command computes the photoionization or photodetachment dipole matrix elements plane waves or Coulomb waves. The PhIonPlaneWv form does the calculation at a list of scattering energies (in eV). If no energies are present then the energies are taken from the ScatEng, or ScatEngN, data record. The PhIonPlaneWvN form does the calculation at a sequence of scattering energies with fixed spacing (in eV). The symmetry of the plane waves is assumed to be the same as in the current orbital which has been computed by the DipoleOp command. If the command FileName has been used to define the MatrixElements file, then the final dipole matrix elements are written to that file. Otherwise, the matrix elements are written to a scratch file.

Data records used

Optional data records used

Examples of use

  • test08 photodetachemnt cross sections for F2- using the plane wave approximation