Added commands and data records between the E3 version and 2020

AbSym - do calculation with largest abelian subgroup

AtomSym - pick the symmetry to use when calculations with an atom

Convert FileName 'GAMESS' - input filter for the US GAMESS quantum chemistry program

DumpMesa - write basis set and orbital information for the MEAS codes

EngToler - used in vibrational averaging programs

FegeScale - factor to scale the approximate local exchange potential

GenFormScat - generate scattering potential formulas for electron scattering

MFDCS - molecular frame differential scattering for electron-molecule scattering include scattering from a charged target

NoSym - do calculation with C1 symmetry

PlotDataGrid - controls output to the FileName 'PlotData' file

PrintBlm - print symmetry adapted angular functions

RotOrientAsym - compute MFPAD including rotation between ionization and fragmentation

SchmidtOrth - Schmidt orthogonalization of orbitals that have been expanded in ExpOrb

ViewOrbPartialWave - define a partial wave grid to use with ViewOrb